Website Maintenance

Get regular care and maintenance from website professionals with one of our website maintenance subscriptions. We take care of all the technical work, scans, and testing to keep your website functional, effective, and secure.

Websites need regular care and attention if they are going to be effective and secure. Search engines like Google recognizes inactive websites with old content as being unimportant. Those sites will lose ranking and experience less and less web presence and traffic. Another reason for regular maintenance is website malware and hacking. Websites must be updated regularly to protect from a host different types of attacks that can leave your business and/or your website visitors vulnerable. Assai Tech is now offering website maintenance subscriptions to make maintaining your website affordable.

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Get More Traffic to Your Website

Optimizing your website so that it appears higher in search results is a never ending task. There are many many things that can be done to get more traffic to your website. Pick an amount you would like to spend in this area and Assai Tech will improve  your websites ranking with search engines and improve your daily traffic statistics. Contact Assai Tech for ideas on how you can improve your search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your website.

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Website Malware Protection

Yes, even your website needs an “Anti-Virus” program running on it. Websites are under constant assault by hackers and malicious bots. They can crash your website or upload content that is very damaging to your business and reputation. Assai Tech implements and maintains the strongest security and malware protection for all the websites we maintain.

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Site Structure

Websites receive two types of visitors: people and bots. Website structure is of critical importance to accommodate both! The layout of your website needs to grow as your business grows and changes. Site structure needs to be organized logically and efficiently for people and bots to locate and understand your content. Assai Tech web design in Sequim specializes in creating websites that are seen by more people and engage potential clients.