Google Ads Campaigns

Reach your desired audience through targeted Google Ads campaigns and proven remarketing strategies.

Search Campaign

$300 Setup Fee
$ 149
/ Month
  • Prominent ads in search results
  • Instant targeted traffic to your website
  • Custom analytics for targeting
  • Ad campaign reporting
  • Up to 100 keywords
  • $200 to $2500 monthly ad spend

Display Ad Campaign

$500 Setup Fee
$ 199
/ Month
  • Targeted visual ads displayed on the web
  • Branded Design Ads*
  • Detailed analytics for targeting
  • Ad campaign reporting
  • Up to 100 keywords
  • $200 to $2500 monthly ad spend
  • *Must have existing brand development.

Remarketing Campaign

$500 Setup Fee
$ 299
/ Month
  • Reach previously engaged people online
  • Target more likely interested people
  • Build brand awareness
  • Google PPC Network
  • Strategic bid management
  • Customer & audience match
  • Google analytics goal tracking
  • Results reporting & analysis
  • $200 to $2500 monthly ad spend

Place Effective Ads Front and Center Across the Internet

Branded search engine marketing specific to your industry and needs

Improved Conversion Rates
Traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising. When we look at PPC and SEO stats, it seems PPC is much more effective in creating conversions. According to data from Moz, PPC advertising creates 50% more conversions and traffic than advertising through organic keywords.
Only Pay for Actual Clicks to Your Website
The first step is to set an advertising budget that is right for you. Then, your ads will show throughout the Google ecosystem. You will only pay for clicks to your website. When your ad budget for the day has been exhausted your ads will stop showing.
Detailed Campaign Tracking and Reports

All of our SEM packages include campaign tracking and analysis so you can assess the strength and effectiveness of your ads. We also utilize this information to further optimize your ad campaigns.