iPhone Repair

We repair phones locally in Sequim, WA. Including cracked screen replacement, batteries, and charge ports. Call or text to schedule an appointment.

(360) 809-0838

Local Phone Screen Repair in Sequim, WA

Did you crack your smart phone screen? No problem, we have you covered. There is no need for the hassle of mailing your phone to a phone service shop. Instead have your cell phone repaired locally at Assai Tech in Sequim, WA. We repair phone screens, replace phone batteries, and repair charge ports. iPhone repairs typically take 45 to 60 minutes.

Phone Screen Repair Cost

The cost to replace your iPhone screen can vary widely. Typically, you can expect to pay between $90 and $140 for most phones. Charge port replacement is $99 and battery replacement is $89.

Protecting the Priceless Data on Your Phone

We highly recommend you request our data recovery and backup service before having your phone screen replaced. For an affordable price we will retrieve and backup the photos and documents on your phone to a flash drive.

Other Services Provided at Assai Tech

We offer numerous technology services at Assai Tech. We provide guaranteed computer repair services, website design, web hosting, and more.

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I was very pleased with the quick service I received. Chris was very professional, polite, courteous, and upfront with me regarding my computer issues. I will definitely do business with this company again.

Carmelinda Wiley

The Assai team was great! In a timely fashion, they saved this Luddite from certain hard drive failure!

Chuck Bishop

They are so helpful and courteous! A pleasure to work with.

Marian Needham

When approached with a recent problem, response and fix were within the same day!  Have used Assai Web Design on two occasions and highly recommend others do as well; techs are very knowledgeable and capable and very customer-service oriented. Much appreciated!

Mary Lowry

Assai did me a great service! Before trashing your PC or Mac and dropping $800+ for a new computer, considered having it inspected and refurbished by the guys at Assai Tech. That's what I did with my four year old PC desktop. I saved 100s of dollars and my PC is working as good a new with its new solid state hard drive. Good honest service at a reasonable price from Assai Tech.

Mike Zellmer

I appreciate Daniel's patience with me as he helped me learn to use some new ways to navigate from here to there. Good Job!

Ruth Anderson

"Daniel has been absolutely awesome, going way above the call of duty to fix problems and answer the dumb questions of this computer illiterate."

Neil Parse