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We repair and maintain your technology so that it works for you and helps you get things done! Discover how we can make technology your friend and not a foe.
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Professional Computer and Technology Services in Sequim

Assai Tech services computers and devices of all types. Our computer services are about more than just fixing a problem, we go above and beyond so that your computer will be fast and reliable.


Enjoy the convenience of having one of our tech specialists come to your home or place of business. We do small and big computer jobs!


Bring your computer or device to our shop and have it professionally serviced. Be amazed by the speed and reliability of your device.


Consider the convenience of having your computer serviced quickly without the need of a technician coming to your home.

I was very pleased with the quick service I received. Chris was very professional, polite, courteous, and upfront with me regarding my computer issues. I will definitely do business with this company again.

Carmelinda Wiley

The Assai team was great! In a timely fashion, they saved this Luddite from certain hard drive failure!

Chuck Bishop

They were quick to respond and got the job done in a quick manner Very professional. We are 100% happy campers!

Leonard & Carmelinda

When approached with a recent problem, response and fix were within the same day!  Have used Assai Web Design on two occasions and highly recommend others do as well; techs are very knowledgeable and capable and very customer-service oriented. Much appreciated!

Mary Lowry

Great team. Always prompt, helpful, and available!

Marilyn VanProyen

Assai did me a great service! Before trashing your PC or Mac and dropping $800+ for a new computer, considered having it inspected and refurbished by the guys at Assai Tech. That's what I did with my four year old PC desktop. I saved 100s of dollars and my PC is working as good a new with its new solid state hard drive. Good honest service at a reasonable price from Assai Tech.

Mike Zellmer

Assai did a great job at an extremely reasonable price, especially for those of us who own a very small business and with a limited budget. It was refreshing to be treated professionally and honestly with great service. With our audiobook production service can't afford too much down time and is very dependent upon reliable computers. I am so relieved I found Assai and feel confident we will use them again. Our computer is running smoothly and faster now with a new SSD drive. Thanks, Assia, for great work at a great price.

Rich Germaine

"Daniel has been absolutely awesome, going way above the call of duty to fix problems and answer the dumb questions of this computer illiterate."

Neil Parse

I appreciate Daniel's patience with me as he helped me learn to use some new ways to navigate from here to there. Good Job!

Ruth Anderson

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Our computer services include hardware tests, virus removal, data recovery, file backup, cloud storage, networking, printer setup, computer optimization, and more.


Our computer services come with our Service Satisfaction Guarantee; we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!


We can often times determine the extent of your computer problems and the associated costs over the phone.

System Optimization

You will be amazed by how fast and reliable your computer is after we complete a full system optimization.  If your computer is less than 4 years old, we highly recommend you have your computer serviced rather than buying a new computer.  System optimizations start as low as $79.95 and include hardware and software optimizations, and a thorough test of all your computer components. Assai Tech also provides technology assistance and tutoring.
Would you like to learn about what’s what in the world of technology and how it may apply to you? Learn how we can make technology your friend and not a foe.

Contact Assai Tech today for computer services in Sequim, WA and Computer Service in Port Angeles, WA.

What We Do

Assai Tech is one place for all your technology needs. We provide a variety of home and business services including:
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