Excellent job. My laptop is working exactly how I wanted it to.

Calvin Appel

I was very pleased with the quick service I received. Chris was very professional, polite, courteous, and upfront with me regarding my computer issues. I will definitely do business with this company again.

Carmelinda Wiley

I am very happy with my website and the customer service and support I have received.

Chanthakan Srisuthisuriya

I am one very satisfied customer. You are an excellent teacher, David.

Chris Minard

The Assai team was great! In a timely fashion, they saved this Luddite from certain hard drive failure!

Chuck Bishop

Wonderful work, David! Thank you so much.

Dawn Hampton

The team at Assai Web Design is great. Their professionalism and expertise is top notch and is reflected in the finished product. Everyone's always high energy and highly focused.

Dr. Mark Swanson

Excellent design skills, makes the complex understandable and is great to work with.

Dr. Rebecca Zambito

I have a six year old Apple desktop computer which is a one piece unit. My computer screen was blacking out, and I took my computer to an Apple Store. They told me that Apple was no longer supporting this computer, so I could not get any replacement parts if needed. They reinstalled my operating system which seemed to resolve the problem. After six months the computer screen started blacking out again. David discovered the computer was overheating due to a dust build up. He figured out a way to bypass the screen by hooking the computer up to a separate monitor. My computer has been working beautifully and my repair was very reasonably priced. I did have to purchase a new monitor, but I saved at least a $1000.00 by not having to replace my computer. I highly recommend Assai Tech to anyone with computer repair needs!

Francis Rice

David was very diligent and made sure that all aspects of his work was very professional and to the liking of what we wanted our website to be. His follow up has been very professional also. I have and will continue to recommend Assai Tech to others.

Jackie Lake

We've seen a significant increase in calls since our website went live.

Laurel Herrera

They were quick to respond and got the job done in a quick manner Very professional. We are 100% happy campers!

Leonard & Carmelinda

They are so helpful and courteous! A pleasure to work with.

Marian Needham

Great team. Always prompt, helpful, and available!

Marilyn VanProyen

When approached with a recent problem, response and fix were within the same day!  Have used Assai Web Design on two occasions and highly recommend others do as well; techs are very knowledgeable and capable and very customer-service oriented. Much appreciated!

Mary Lowry

Assai Tech totally rocks. They are just big enough so that the work gets done promptly, yet small enough that you get personalized service.

Mike Keesling

Assai did me a great service! Before trashing your PC or Mac and dropping $800+ for a new computer, considered having it inspected and refurbished by the guys at Assai Tech. That's what I did with my four year old PC desktop. I saved 100s of dollars and my PC is working as good a new with its new solid state hard drive. Good honest service at a reasonable price from Assai Tech.

Mike Zellmer

"Daniel has been absolutely awesome, going way above the call of duty to fix problems and answer the dumb questions of this computer illiterate."

Neil Parse